A fresh perspective on mobility


b. 1986, HK.

Let's look at mobility as a basic structure that keeps everything together, rather than a practical issue to solve around how to get from A to B. As human beings, we want to be free to move wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go. Let's call this 'Freedom to Move'.

Reframe is Ananda Groag; passionate about shared, smart & sustianable mobility

I am intrinsically driven to contribute to an enjoyable and sustainable living environment by helping and inspiring individuals and organisations to transform to a fair and sustainable way of moving people. I want to invite people to open their mind and think outside of their fixed patterns help them experience that we are all in the driver seat to transform our own worlds.

Mobility is not a goal on it's own, it's the network through which we connect to the rest of the world. I believe we need to adjust our lifestyles to be more in synch with the earth we live on. It is after all common ground for which we all share responsibility.

Be the change you want to see
Ananda believes in ‘practise what you preach’. She and her family do not own a car and seamlessly combine different modes. Ananda loves to test and try new concepts and mobility services.

REFRAME : the Name
Reframe is about “changing the focus or perspective” about “looking at, present, or think of beliefs, ideas in a new or different way” and about “changing the plans and basic details of a policy, issues and problems.” In her TedX talk Ananda shows that the key to transformation in mobility is “reframing freedom to move”.

Way of working
I love to work together, with you! The starting point is always to find common ground from where we depart. Let’s look at what is already there and see how we can add value. We always strive to keep it simple and light and we only commit to assignments we believe in. We have broad network and we can scale up by working with other seasoned experts & agencies in different ways to achieve what we believe is needed. Let’s have a coffee to exchange ideas!

What makes Ananda unique
Ananda combines well balanced and nuanced visions with hands-on action and attention to detail.

The passion for mobility was born at TomTom, where Ananda specialised in various aspects of mobility, like navigation, maps, real-time traffic info, fleet management. She also lauched TomTom Taxi, a start-up within TomTom, where she familiarised herself with the world of on-demand mobility. Ananda worked in marketing, communication and sales for years until she realised she got more satisfaction working on ideas that support her vision. For five years, Ananda has been part of the awesome international team of shareNL working closely with platforms in the sharing economy, in that period she brought the Green Deal Carsharing; a public private partnership to life and she remained the driving force for the Green Deal during its full three years.